Sightseeing og turer

The wharf in Trondheim, Norway

Eksklusiv sightseeing i Trondheim

  • Du velger tid og sted for turstart
  • Du kan bestemme akkurat hvilke steder du har lyst å besøke
  • Dra videre til neste sted når du vil
  • Velg om du har lyst å spise lunsj ute
  • Bruk tiden for å se hva du vil - når du vil
  • Vi kjører deg tilbake til hotellet - eller hvor du vil

Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway, a city of students, technology, culture, cycling and food. The 30,000 students, many of whom attend the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, leave their mark on the city and contribute to a high level of innovation and a vibrant cultural life.

Bryggen in Bergen
The very first buildings in Bergen were situated at Bryggen, which has been a vibrant and important area of the city for many centuries.
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Hanseatic Museum
The Hanseatic Museum is one of the oldest wooden buildings in Bergen, furnished in 18th century style and shows the life of the Hanseatic merchants.
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Edvard Grieg`s Home
Troldhaugen is the home of the world famous composer Edvard Grieg. He composed many of his best-known works in the little garden hut.
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Fantoft Stave Church
The old stave church at Fantoft, originally built in Fortun in Sogn in 1150 and moved to Fantoft in 1883, burnt down on 6 June 1992. Fantoft Stave Church has now been rebuilt exactly as it was before the fire.
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